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Stay Compliant, and Open. Protect Your Employees and Customers.

As businesses reopen, new procedures for adhering to screening, contact tracing, and physical distancing guidelines and regulations are critical for minimizing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting your employees, customers, and business. The Ola screening app and Entry app simplify health screening to assess the risk for COVID-19 and facilitate a touchless check-in experience. Screening with Ola makes it easy to comply with regulations and helps to reduce risk of liability, fines, and shutdowns.

Simply register for the Entry app and start screening with Ola free of charge. You can find our step-by-step Quick Start guide here.

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Private & Secure By Design

Ensure you’re in compliance. Adhere to screening and physical distancing guidelines and regulations. Avoid fines and shutdowns.

Screen in seconds to assess the risk for COVID-19 while automatically maintaining secure, digital logs.

Create a safe environment and deliver greater peace of mind. Assure customers and employees of safety measures.

Protect your business from liability and litigation. Do everything that can be reasonably expected to create a safe environment and reduce the risk.

Streamline Health Screening

Replace time consuming, manual spreadsheets or pen and paper assessment forms that expose confidential personal information and can be easily misplaced. Increase efficiency while significantly reducing the potential for errors in your screening process.

How it Works

Download the free Entry app from the app store and register your business. Or sign up for the free Entry Web app.

Print a check-in QR code for display in your business or issue an Entry Pass with a QR code upon successful completion of health screening. Invite employees and customers to complete their COVID-19 screening using the Ola app (free!) prior to arriving.

Employees and customers arriving at your business scan the QR code poster with the camera on their smartphone. If they were issued an Entry Pass, they scan their pass at your Entry app. Their Pass and health compliance are validated. They are prompted to enter.

Simplify COVID-19 Screening

Streamline your paper assessment process with our screening questionnaire based on guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Public Health Authorities.

Touchless Check-In & Check-Out

An Entry Pass with a QR code makes the check-in and check-out process quick and easy and eliminates physical interaction.

Print and display a QR code poster at your entry point or issue an Entry Pass with QR code for entry scanning upon arrival.

Share COVID-19 Updates

Provide the latest information and guidance to help users stay informed, healthy, and reduce the risk of infection.

Trace Every Step

Keep a digitized record of who checked in/out and when they did so. In the event a positive case is detected, you can easily identify those who may have come into contact with the virus.

Monitor & Report

Reporting provides insights into successful/unsuccessful screens and allows you to easily keep tabs on individuals who have experienced COVID-19 symptoms.

Private & Secure By Design

Ola and Entry were developed with data protection and privacy in mind.

We integrate privacy practices in the design of our solutions and data protection is an essential component of the core functionality of our apps.

Data is private and secure. All data collected is anonymized, and end to end encryption keeps data safe and secure in the cloud.

Employer, employee, and customer data is broken into separate data vaults for storage, and each vault is encrypted with an individual encryption key.

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