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The Entry app (part of the Ola screening platform) allows businesses to screen individuals efficiently and responsibly prior to entry and eliminates physical touch points and  interaction during check-in. It delivers greater peace of mind and creates a safer environment for your business. 

Here's a three-minute video explaining how Entry works:

Entry is available as:

For help with Ola, the app used by individuals, please see the Ola help page.

More on Entry's features:

  • Touchless check-in and check-out on Android and iOS® tablets and mobile devices
  • Individuals wishing to enter must have completed a daily health assessment in their Ola app, which the Entry app verifies by scanning their unique QR code.
  • Businesses or places may opt to display a QR code poster that visitors or employees can scan with the Ola app to gain entry, assuming they have already successfully completed their daily health assessment.
  • With the Attendant Screen feature, you can assist attendant or security staff in directing visitors by displaying a confirmation in a larger display format.