Joining your favorite businesses or places that screen with Ola allows you to enjoy a smoother check-in experience and make reservations in advance. To join a business, you will need to submit an authorization request. Authorization requests are managed in the Entry app by the business owner, proprietor, or administrator; for more information about how requests are managed, please see the Entry Help page. Once authorized, users can also make reservations ahead of time at applicable businesses or places.

Please note that only primary Ola account holders can be authorized; minors and dependents cannot.

Requesting authorization

From the Ola home screen, select your Profile. You will see a section listing businesses you are currently authorized to enter. To make a new authorization request, select      from the authorizations list. 

This will open the Request Entry search page. Start entering the name of the business or place you wish to join. When you see the correct listing, select it. Any businesses or places you already have access to will be indicated with a green checkmark icon (); pending requests are indicated with a yellow clock icon (  ).


On the following screen, you'll be asked to specify your affiliation with the business or place. Once you've chosen your affiliation, select Submit Request.


Once your request has been submitted, you'll see this confirmation screen. You will receive a notification email or an in-app notification as soon as your request has been approved or declined by the administrator in Entry.